How to Pack a Storage POD

How to Pack a Storage Pod

Storage PODS are a favorable approach to pack items for relocation or to free up space by storing items somewhere else. The PODS could be delivered to your home, importance you don't need to carry items any more remote than your carport to load it. Fittingly packing the storage POD is important to guarantee your belongings don't get damaged. When you have completed the process of packing your storage POD, items could be safely delivered to their new location.


  1. Place heavy items in the storage POD, disseminating the weight as equitably as could reasonably be expected between the left and right sides.
  2. Place lightweight items on the highest point of the heavier items or along the top side of the POD.
  3. Fill any empty spaces in appliances such a fridges or washers with items.
  4. Secure items to counteract them from moving when the storage POD is in transit.
  5. Place pictures and reflects in the spaces between the POD's shafts.

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